Books to Prisoners Programs

PBP is one of many “Books to Prisoners” groups in the US, Canada and England. If you live near one of these, they would appreciate your books and your support!  

Some may be able to serve prisoners in states we do not serve.  The info on states served can change frequently. Please verify their service area before requesting books. 

United States


Books to Prisons, Birmingham, AL
Serves: TX and AL


Read Between The Bars, Tucson, AZ
Serves: AZ only


Books for Prisoners at UCSD, San Diego, CA
Serves: All US states EXCEPT MA

Pages and Time, Los Angeles, CA
Serves: Libraries at Wasco/Delano State Prisons and Chino Women’s Prison

Prison Library Project, Claremont, CA
Serves: All US states EXCEPT MA

Prisoners Literature Project, San Francisco, CA
Serves: All US states EXCEPT TX

UC Davis Books to Prisoners, Sacramento, CA
Serves: CA, FL, NY, OR, PA, TX


Pages for Prisons, Boulder, CO
Serves: Colorado prison libraries only

District of Columbia

DC Books to Prisons Project, Washington, DC
Serves: federal prisoners in Arizona. DC residents in federal prisons. All other states EXCEPT CT, FL, IL, MA, ME, MI, NH, NJ, NY, OR, PA, RI, VT, WA, or WI.


Gainesville Books to Prisoners, Gainesville, FL
Serves: FL only

Open Books Prison Book Project, Pensacola, FL
Serves: FL only


X Books, Atlanta, GA
Serves: GA only


Chicago Books to Women in Prison, Chicago, IL
Serves: women’s state prisons in AZ, AL, AR, CA, CT, FL, IL, IN, KY, MS, TN, VT, WA; all women in Federal prisons, and trans women being housed in men’s prisons everywhere.

Liberation Library, Chicago, IL
Serves youth in all Illinois youth prisons and select Illinois youth jails.

Midwest Books to Prisoners, Chicago, IL
Serves: Focus on midwest states, but answer all requests

Reading Reduces Recidivism, Carbondale
Supplies books directly to prison librarians in Illinois

Urbana-Champaign Books to Prisoners Project, Urbana, IL
Serves: Illinois only


Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project, Bloomington, IN
Serves: AR, IA, IN, KS, ND, OK, and SD


Louisville Books to Prisoners, Louisville, KY
Serves: KY and VA


Louisiana Books 2 Prisoners, New Orleans, LA
Serves: AL, AR, LA. Women and LA prisoners are prioritized.


Great Falls Books Through Bars, Greenfield, MA
Serves: priority is TX, CA; serves everywhere else EXCEPT AZ, CT, ID, IN, LA, MA, ME, MS, PA, WI, jails

Prison Book Program, Quincy, MA
Serves: All US states FEDERAL ONLY FOR CA, MI, and TX


Unitarian Universalist Ann Arbor Prison Books, Ann Arbor, MI
Serves: Select MI institution libraries, not individual people


Women’s Prison Book Project, Minneapolis, MN
Serves: Cis and trans women


Big House Books, Jackson, MS
Serves: Mississippi only


Liberation Lit, Kansas City, MO
Serves:  Unknown

Missouri Prison Books, St. Louis, MO
Serves: all Midwestern states


Serves: specific prisons in NE

New Jersey

Books Behind Bars, Wildwood, NJ
Serves: NJ only

New York

Books Beyond Bars, New York, NY
Serves: NY only

Buffalo Books Though Bars, Buffalo, NY
Serves:  NY and TX

Ithaca College Books Thru Bars, Ithaca, NY
Serves: NY

NYC Books Through Bars, New York, NY
Serves: All US states EXCEPT AL, FL, LA, MA, MI, MS, NC, OH, and PA with a priority on NY

Prison Books Project, Beacon, NY
Serves: NY

Saxapahaw Prison Books, Brooklyn, NY
Serves: GA only

North Carolina

Asheville Prison Books Program, Asheville, NC
Serves: NC, SC

NC Women’s Prison Book Project, Durham, NC
Serves: women in NC

Prison Books Collective Publishing and Distribution, Carrboro, NC
Serves: AL, men in NC, Feds in AL, KY, MD, NC, TN, VA, and WV; zines to anywhere

Tranzmission Prison Project, Asheville, NC
Serves: LGBTQ prisoners nationwide


Serves: OH, KY, WV, and IN

Athens Books to Prisoners, Athens, OH
Serves: OH

Redbird Books to Prisoners, Columbus, OH
Prioritizes OH


OK Prison Books Collective, Tulsa, OK


Portland Books to Prisoners, Portland, OR
Serves: All US states EXCEPT MA

Rogue Liberation Library, Ashland, OR
Serves: CA, NV, OR, TX state prisons and Fed prisons nationwide


Pittsburgh Prison Book Project (formerly Book ‘Em), Pittsburgh, PA
Serves: PA only

Books Through Bars, Philadelphia, PA
Serves: PA, NJ, NY, DE, MD, VA

Rhode Island

Providence Books Through Bars, Providence, RI
Serves: All US states EXCEPT AL, AR, FL, ID, IL, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MS, NC, NE, NY, OH, PA, RI, SC, TN, WA, or WI.


Tennessee Prison Books Project, Nashville, TN
Serves: TN only


Inside Books, Austin, TX
Serves: TX only, no county jails


Books Behind Bars, Charlottesville, VA
Serves: VA only

Virginia Tech Prison Book Program, Blacksburg, VA
Serves: Only fills requests via Appalachian PBP


Books to Prisoners, Seattle, WA
Serves: All US states

Books to Prisoners Olympia, Olympia, WA
Serves:  Only accepts requests from BtP Seattle.

Books to Prisoners Spokane, Spokane, WA
Serves:  Only accepts requests from BtP Seattle.

Lopez Island Books to Prisoners, Lopez Island, WA
Serves: WA and AK

West Virginia

Appalachian Prison Book Project, Morgantown, WV
Serves: KY, MD, OH, TN, VA, WV


LGBT Books to PrisonersMadison, WI
Serves: LGBTQ prisoners in all states EXCEPT TX

Wisconsin Books to Prisoners, Madison, WI
Serves: WI only

US Virgin Islands

US Virgin Is /St Croix Prison Library Project, Christiansted, VI
Serves: St Croix only


British Columbia 

Books 2 Prisoners, Vancouver, BC

Nova Scotia 

Books Beyond Bars, Halifax, NS
Serves: Women’s section of the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility in Burnside


Books 2 Prisoners Ottawa, Ottawa, ON


Open Door Books, Montreal, PQ

Prisoner Correspondence Project, Montreal, PQ
Serves: Queer & trans people in US and Canada