We are taking drop off donations again! 

Please make sure your books fit our guidelines below and visit us during volunteer hours. Books can be donated during any session listed on our volunteer session schedule

Thank you for supporting prison literacy!

Many requests go unfulfilled because we don’t have the right books.

Purchase a book requested by a person in prison and have it automatically shipped to us!

Amazon Wishlist


Support local businesses through our online wishlists at local bookstores: Wellesley Books and Porter Square Books.

Purchase a book online or check our in-store display for most needed books!

If you live outside of the Boston area, we encourage you donate books to a “books to prisoners” group near you.

You can still mail books, but please make sure they fit our guidelines below.

Please be sure all donated books meet the below guidelines prior to donating. 

Books We Need

Books We Cannot Accept

Frequently Asked Questions: Donate Books

Yes! Please see our “Donate Books” section for complete info on books we can and cannot use. We have limited storage space and strongly encourage donors to donate books that are not a good fit to other organizations.

No, we do not send magazines (not even National Geographic).

We cannot use every book that is donated even if it meets the criteria in our donation guidelines. Prisoner requests and space dictate what we keep and what we pass on to other organizations.

Books we cannot use are passed onto a local company where they are either sold or recycled in exchange for books we can use.  

Sorting through donations is labor and time-intensive. Please send only things you think meet our donation guidelines so that we can focus on connecting prisoners to books!

No. We do not stock prison libraries. To our knowledge, there is no centralized way to distribute books to all prison libraries. Also, we send only books that people request. We welcome donations from authors, but we find that self-published materials rarely match up with requests from people in prison.

Yes! Because many prisons require new books and because most donated books tend to be at least a few years old, non-fiction review copies and ARC’s are very useful to us. Without them we would have very few current titles or books in new condition. 

We do not offer a pick-up service, except for review copies and books from publishers. As a small nonprofit with limited staff and volunteer time, we do not have the capacity to pick up donations from most donors. You can send books through the mail, but we strongly encourage you to review our donation guidelines before doing so.

Yes, but we recommend that you check our list of other “Books to Prisoners” programs as there might be a similar organization closer to you. Shipping books can be expensive. Donating to another organization may be more effective. 

You are also welcome to ship books to us (at your expense), but we strongly encourage you to review our donation guidelines first. 

Mail books that meet our donation criteria to the following address. Please do not request a signature. Our hours do not align with typical delivery or post office hours and we may not be able to sign for it. 

Prison Book Program
1306 Hancock Street, Suite 100
Quincy, MA 02169.