Dedicated To My “Tree of Life”, My Godmother

I Feel Like A Fallen Tree Leaf,
Expelled From Its Main Life Force,
Slowly Withering Away
With Nothing To Sustain Me. . .
Though I Cannot Blame This Source Of Life,
For You Clutched Me Surely
With A Grip Of Might. . .
From My Days Of Infancy,
To Full-grown Adulthood, You Held A Grip
With No Need To Be Understood. . .
Even When The Wind Blew
You Held On Firm,
Sometimes, I Thought, A LIttle Too Stern. . .
As The Days Went By Your Grasp On Me Loosened;
I Anticipated Freedom, With No Thoughts
Of Conclusion. . .
Then One Day Your Hold On Me Ceased,
And I Fell, Fell, Fell With No Heed. . .
I Spiraled Uncontrollably, Till I Hit The Bottom,
Wishing You Had Never Let Go Of Me. . .
Now I’m Decaying,
Looking Up At The Sky,
Praying For A Chance
To “Give Life Another Try”. . .
I Won’t Give Up.

Written by Miguel
Located in Arizona
Category: Family and Relationships

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