Department of Regression

Charged and convicted, the streets and I lost our connection
Somewhere up the road, they call it Department of Correction
Always watch your back, people hand out false direction
A place filled with hate, you might catch an infection
Can’t get caught without a weapon, better be in your possession
They will set you up to wet you up, like it’s their obsession
Take a life but don’t think twice, then speak about progression
See no evil, speak no evils, straight up that’s just my suggestion
You see extortion everyday, people paying for protection
They are belittled and degraded, without any objection
Stand your ground, watch metal pierce you, this is no injection
Have no respect or be a man, what is your selection
Everything is gang related, like it’s their profession
Individuals claiming sets out of fear of rejection
Some people this is all they know, a life of aggression
Stuck inside the system your biggest weakness is affection
With blood on my hands my heart is full of my transgression
Somewhere up the road, I call it Department of Regression….

Written by Justin Owens
Located in Florida
Category: Life Inside

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