Years and a life of it,
inside of closed vault,
unable to ever again walk in a street
crowded with people,
burning my flame out in a place of darkness,
the shadows consuming my very soul,
despair and shame everywhere.
My world is overwhelmed by the presence of
dead men,
with smoldering memories of life,
with the hope of those that are hopeless.
My eyes silently follow the shuffle of the dead
all around me,
at men whose flame has burned out in a place
of darkness.
Life has closed her eyes to the despicable sight of
one of her children.
With icy eyes I look back at the memories
long burned and charred.
They are festering in my heart,
their smiles no longer a pleasure to behold,
their eyes shamefully downcast waiting for a chance
to flee,
hungering for a return of a time way back when.

Written by Muzaffar
Located in New York
Category: Life Inside


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