Work Involved

Responding to prisoner requests for books – Picking, Invoicing and Packing – accounts for approximately 90% of the work we do during our volunteer sessions.  You must be able to do one of these jobs to volunteer:

Pickers read a prisoner’s hand-written request and find appropriate books in our book store.  Pickers are essentially personal shoppers for the prisoners.  If you enjoy browsing in your local library or bookstore, this is the job for you!  High school-level reading skills and a love of books are all you need to do this job.

Invoicers make sure that the chosen books are appropriate and do not contain any forbidden items. If they are good to go, they fill out an invoice.  People who can read at least at the high school-level, have legible handwriting and good attention to detail are great candidates for this job. 

Packers prepare the books for mailing.  They wrap the books in brown paper and address the package.

Other tasks:  Occasionally volunteers help with other tasks such as processing book donations and incoming mail.

If you would like to help, just come by our office and we’ll get you started. Click here for our volunteer hours. There’s no need to sign up ahead of time and you can stay for as long as you wish. For your first visit please arrive at the start of the shift. Please email or call us at 617-423-3298 if you have any questions.