Books and Reading Are So Important to Me

Your book program has been invaluable to me during my incarceration. I have worked hard to read and learn during my incarceration so that my time is not wasted. I firmly believe in lifelong learning. This is why books and reading are so important to me. While incarcerated, I have earned a master’s degree and legal training from an accredited Colorado state university and I am presently working on my dissertation for a PhD in Christian education from another accredited college seminary.

The books you have sent in the past have been tremendous and exactly what I was looking for. As soon as I finish reading them, I have shared them with the other men on my unit…so each book you donate is really donated to an entire group of inmates, not just one individual.

Written by A prisoner in Butner, NC


COVID Schedule:
We are currently closed to most volunteering. Core group members are still filling book requests. We are working on a plan to engage more volunteers when government guidelines permit. Stay turned for more details.


We rely on your support

 Financial donations are the single factor that limits the number of people we can serve.  Just $3 is the average cost of mailing a package of carefully selected books from our library!

Donations can be mailed to:

Prison Book Program
c/o Lucy Parsons Bookstore
1306 Hancock Street
Suite 100
Quincy, MA 02169


Prison Book Program relies on the support of people like you.

Just $3 covers the average cost of mailing a package of carefully selected books from our library of donated books!

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