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Book Request – Solitary Prisoner Requests Writing


I hope and pray that upon receipt of this request that all is well. I extracted your information from the PEN Handbook For Writers In Prison resource booklet.

I am interested in receiving a copy of the National Prisoner Resource List booklet. I am also interested in any books you have to offer, with respect to writing poetry – rhyme, rhythm, meter: short stories – foreshadowing, characters, creativity or English grammar. I am an avid and published writer of poetry and short stories.

I thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. Enclosed is a donation of five stamps, a token of my appreciation. Excuse my penmanship I am currently in the SHU special housing unit and the flimsy flexible plastic pens are quite difficult to write with.



Sheldon, New York

Book Request – GED Course for Prisoner in Solitary

Dear PBP:

First I am of a 10th grade level and desire a GED. I am six years in solitary confinement; therefore, I can only achieve a GED via a mail course. Please help me in finding a way to accomplish this.

Writing and art are my interests. And I am in need of a variety of books to which I shall list in order of desire. Thus giving many options to see what is available. These are

  • Hobby pen and ink art, color pencil art
  • Social science
  • Psychology

Thank you for your time and dedication to our cause.

Michael, Louisiana