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Essay – Prisoners educate themselves with books

In the information age of today, we can literally feel the pulse of world events as they happen. Fifty years ago one could hardly conceive the advances in technology and communications we enjoy today. With cell phones, computers, the internet and satellite communications, we have instant access to the globe and beyond. Business, entertainment, shopping and education are at our fingertips anytime, anywhere, any place.

Essay – Books are better than any counseling we can receive

At correctional camps like the one I’m at where there is so little to do, we call it “doing dead time”. There are only a few things we have to pass the time here, TV, exercise, a job, and reading. Thanks to programs which donate books to inmates, we get to escape from prison in the pages of a story or expand our mind to prepare us for the day we get out with knowledge through education books, dictionaries and spiritual books.

Essay – Books Have the Power to Change Lives

First of all, I’d like to ‘thank you’ for all the books your organization has sent me. The books have been a great help and I’m learning more and more as I read. Thank you for helping me better myself with the knowledge and wisdom from books. Your program is wonderful.

Essay – “Through reading, I found myself.”

I’d have to say that the book that has had the biggest impact on me while incarcerated has to be The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Though I am not of the Islamic faith, nor am I militant, this book has impacted upon my way of seeing things profoundly. It has taught me that I can utilize this time into becoming whatever I set my mind on becoming.

Essay – Inmate looks forward to library days and starting new books

Dear Prison Book Project,

Thank you very much for the books you sent me. It was really nice to come back to my unit this afternoon and find your package waiting for me at the officer’s desk. I had a feeling today was going to be a great day! Since I was going to write you a thank you anyway, I figure I could at least make a testimonial about why books are important to prisoners. Or why they are important to me: