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Book Request – Legal Primer More Useful Than Some Books

We the People Legal Primer

We the People Legal Primer

Dear Prison Book Program,

I got a look at a copy of your Legal Primer today and in those few pages I got more useful information than I have in some books.  I have been down for over 15 years and I am an inmate representative always looking for information for the population and the law library that is affordable as well as knowledgeable.  Could I ask you to send me a copy of “We The People” along with a copy for the prison library?

Larry, Montana

Book Request – One Envelope for Legal Primer

“I am requesting a “We The People” Legal Primer. Someone had let me read theirs and I had it for at least a week and half now. We only get two envelopes a month… But I am using one of the envelopes to receive a Legal Primer of my own… I love the things it contains.”