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Essay – Books of Joy

I am a 58 year old white male doing 20 flat years in a Louisiana prison. I came from a very dysfunctional home in Kentucky. I started out life more or less as a functional illiterate child with very little education. Somehow, I did manage to get a 8th grade education. It was years later that I realized that I need more education in order to survive in the “real world”. I learned that having a good education meant having a good job and a place in life itself.

Essay – Webster’s Dictionary Has Made an Impact on Me

Prison is an environment that can either help us grow intellectually or fall farther away from learning. Prisoners therefore have a choice, read and learn, maintain a former way of thinking, or digress farther away from learning.

Essay – Plato Considers all the Possibilities

The one book that has had the greatest impact on my life has been The Complete Works of Plato. It has helped me to keep my mind open and to consider all of the possibilities before opting for a course of action.

Essay – “Literature has been my great escape… Is it yours too?”

Before my incarceration I had read less than five books in my entire life. There was never time… Jobs, kids, cars, friends, yard work, social engagements, cooking, cleaning, home repairs, neighbors, church. You know what I mean.

Essay – Prisoner works through frustration with writing to send essay to the Prison Book Program

Several months ago I contacted you and made a request for books. You were so kind in sending me a dictionary and almanac. You asked why books are so important to prisoners, why a dictionary is requested, and what we [prisoners] do with them.  I so much wanted to do as you ask, but it frustrates me to try. And I have tried, I’m just not good at essays. I can only hope to tell you in a few words [how I feel].