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Poem – Angels from Boston

Angels from Boston share their special gift;
They send us little packages, giving hearts a lift
Bringing the joys of freedom, currently out of reach;
And assisting minds everywhere with the lessons they can teach.

Matthew MacDermid
Suwannee CI and Work Camp
Live Oak, FL

Poem – Book Angels

Truly the work of a bottomless heart
Giving “us” books, right from the start
A relentless effort, distinguishes you!
Absolute thanks, without further ado
The days may seem long and without end
But with these book I have a friend.
With each turn of a page, I am content
This little bit of freedom in which you have sent!

Elijah A. Becker
United States Penitentiary
Leavenworth, KS

Poem – Help Me!

Help me reach out to others,
who are in need,
or perhaps a struggle.
Who likes to read,
and open their mind,
but are unfortunate,
and can’t buy books at this time.
Help me!

Cedrick Hatten
Hamilton C.I. Annex
Jasper, FL

Poem – Insight of a Prisoner

In the life of a prisoner
Many obstacles come up
He wants to be a better
Person through the programs but
They just don’t exist
At the place where he was sent
So to God he gives his thanks
For the Prison Book Program

George Mason Jr.
Polk CI
Polk City Florida