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Poem – A Program of Books

A program of books,
was all it took,
to open my mind,
while I was doing time.
And to help me find,
a better outlook,
I turned,
to a program of books.

Cedrick Hatten
Hamilton C.I. Annex
Jasper, FL

Poem – Staying True

As we dredge through our prison time
We are given skeptical looks
For our keen interest in learning and books
They tell us it does not forgive our crime
But to those who stay true to what is right
We will eventually win our fight

Jeffrey Watson
SCI Dallas
Dallas, PA

Poem – This Rose

This rose is made of paper A fact that’s sad but true,
It’s never been touched by drops of early morning dew.
But God made this for the world to see
And I made this one just for you.
So when you get to feeling  sad and lonely
As I know you sometimes  do.
Just look upon this rose
And know your friends at PBP are thinking of you.

Michael Harlow
Graceville CF
Graceville, FL

Poem – Books are Pretty Roads

Books are pretty roads, silent paths
Sacred tools and treasure maps
Filled with quotes and facts
With emotion, struggle and laughs
Building blocks for mankind, the future
A way to outdo and grow past what you’re used to
I’ve learned so much these last years and…
Give many thanks for such a break, to the Prison Book Program

Jeramy Walter
Fishkill Correctional Facility
Beacon, NY

Poem – One More Book Please!

Hope has long passed and despite my long prayers
Like a ghost I still wander, feeling like no one cares
Drifting through the days that blend, in a mindless trance
Surviving in this prison has only been by mere chance.

Suspicion, fear and anger have long ruled in this place
I’m gone now from the world without even a trace
You look for reprieve, far from the prison rage
And realize the tranquil peace found in the written page

In a concrete corner, hope your pain lets you be
The story in your hand can truly set you free
There’s happiness in losing yourself in thoughts of another place
You may very well feel the warm soothing of God’s grace

Oh, joy you can feel, the time you can spend
Feeling FREE AS A BIRD… until you reach the end
In closing the cover, a tear falls to the floor
Please send another book… Please just one more!

Jim Huber
US Penitentiary
Leavenworth KS