Why Send Books to Prisoners?

Why Send Books to Prisoners?

Education is one of the few methods proven to reduce the likelihood of a prisoner returning to prison after release. Find Out More >>

Thank You Volunteers!

Thank You Volunteers!

Hundreds of people volunteer their time at Prison Book every year and do everything from sort the mail to post office runs. People come on their own and in groups. Thanks to everyone! Find Out More >>


Prisoner Book Review – The Tipping Point


Prisoner Book Review – Drawing Books


Ending Mass Incarceration in Massachusetts

Ending Mass Incarceration in Massachusetts Booklet

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Since the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases launched our broken criminal justice system into the national spotlight, many want to know what they can do to reform the system.  The “End Mass Incarceration Task Force” at First Parish Church, Arlington Massachusetts has put together this 14 page booklet (pdf) that lists dozens of ways to get involved – mostly in Massachusetts, but there are plenty of options for our friends across the country.  From writing to politicians to volunteering in prisons or helping prisoners through organizations like Prison Book Program, you will find a tangible way to make a difference!


Prisoner Book Review – Novel, Dictionary and Crossword Puzzles


Prisoner Book Review – Sherlock Holmes Case Files, Vol 2