In April 2019, St. Paul’s Church in Brookline filled 35 special request letters by buying unusual books for specific people. The members of the group also wrote individual notes to the prisoners for whom they bought books. Months later, we are still receiving touching thank you letters, like this one from Jeremy in Indiana.

I received a note from you on April 7th that accompanied two books that you were so kind to buy for me by donating to the Prison Book Program.  Those books were titled the Tree Identification Book and Modern Lumberjacking. I’m writing to tell you thank you so much! I’m getting a great deal of use out of the tree identification book as I am currently in a horticultural program and when I finish I’ll be a certified horticulturalist. The book you bought for me is giving me a huge advantage in my studies.  I have been incarcerated now for 7 years and nobody other than you had done anything for me as generous and selflessness as what you did by buying those books. You may think it’s just a book, and you would be right. But to me, it shows that there are still good-hearted people in the world. I would like to say thank you very much. Your act of kindness touched my soul. Thank you again.

Jeremy, Indiana