Dear friends, 

The United First Parish Church, where we are located, has decided to suspend worship services and large gatherings until further notice. The health of our volunteers, and the wider community, is of utmost importance, so we are cancelling our Saturday volunteer session on March 21st, and suspending our evening sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays until further notice.

At our last session on March 12th, numerous volunteers stayed late, until 10:30 pm, to get every last package wrapped up and out the door. Almost 300 packages went out. This is what gives us hope: our community’s dedication to one another. Huge thanks to all our volunteers, and especially the team from our last volunteer session! 

A few members of our leadership team will come in to keep up-to-date on reading mail and other tasks. We will consider holding extra sessions to catch up when it is safe to reopen. 

During this uncertain time, our thoughts are with those in prison, who are already so isolated. We hope that the books we’ve sent are keeping people entertained and enlightened. 

We are grateful to our community of volunteers and supporters. Take care of one another. 

Your friends at the Prison Book Program