Essay – Books Have the Power to Change Lives

First of all, I’d like to ‘thank you’ for all the books your organization has sent me. The books have been a great help and I’m learning more and more as I read. Thank you for helping me better myself with the knowledge and wisdom from books. Your program is wonderful.

To me, books are very important to prisoners because books have the power to change lives and take one out of darkness and bring one to light. A lot of inmates as myself don’t have family or anyone on the outside to send in books or other materials and we’re at a standstill as far as learning some things that one needs to know to be successful in society. But with the prison book program, inmates as myself can learn new and different things that help and make a major difference. The books that I have received from the Prison Book Program, has made me more positive. The books are maturing, inspiring and encouraging me to reach my fullest potential. It’s a true blessing to have a prison book program. I thank God constantly for this program and I pray for and bless the people who have created this program as well as the people who donate and help to make all these things possible. Thank you for changing my life and leading me to a positive path that I know will help me be successful in society. I don’t have any family or friends therefore, if it wasn’t for your program, I wouldn’t have any books. Thanks to you and everyone who’s helping. God Bless you all!

-Submitted by Frank Wings
Pontiac Correctional Center, Illinois