Top Book Needs

We receive requests for all kinds of books, but some topics are harder to keep in stock than others. These types of books are always flying off our shelves faster than we can find them! Please help us stock our empty shelves and look for these topics wherever you buy books. We can accept new and used paperbacks in good condition, so keep an eye out at yard sales, library book sales, and online.

  • English dictionaries and thesauri
  • Language dictionaries and grammar books (Spanish, Japanese, Hebrew, ASL)
  • Exercise (yoga, weight lifting)
  • Business (small business start-up, real estate, applying for loans)
  • Hobbies (drawing, crocheting, chess, crossword puzzles, word games)
  • Self-help (sexual abuse, trauma, addiction)
  • Bible dictionaries and concordances as well as non-mainstream religions such as Wicca, paganism, spirits, dreams, tarot cards, etc.
  • GLBTQ fiction, nonfiction and memoirs
  • Japanese Manga and comics
  • Urban fiction
  • Islam
  • Judaism
  • Western novels
  • Mysteries and horror novels
  • Trade skills (auto mechanics, electrical, CDL licensing, carpentry, etc)
  • Native American culture
  • African American culture
  • Composition notebooks