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Indebted to Prison Book Program

Indebted to PBP - from word

Poem – Dog Eared Freedom

Dog Eared Freedom
by Don Brown

I gave away my freedom
When I chose to do my crime.
I will not commit another
By locking up my mind.

I can choose to grow in here,
Like a mushroom in the dark.
I can turn my tiny cell
Into Shakespeare in the Park.

When I start feeling angry
And frustrated with myself,
I know help is never further
Than the books living on my shelf.

There is no dust up on these tomes
And their number is always changing;
From Langston Hughes to Stephen King,
Their topics are wide ranging.

I do not “escape” inside those words;
Escapees must forever run away.
Instead I visit them in their homes
And listen to all they say.

I am very fond of most of them;
A few tell me naught but lies,
But even the most dishonest ones
Often open up my eyes.

I cry for those who cannot read
And the prison sure won’t teach them.
I wish I knew the perfect way
To see hungry minds and reach them.

Stories hold so many treasures
And a poem can heal your heart.
Words take us down so many paths
And books are where they start.

Poem – A Program of Books

A program of books,
was all it took,
to open my mind,
while I was doing time.
And to help me find,
a better outlook,
I turned,
to a program of books.

Cedrick Hatten
Hamilton C.I. Annex
Jasper, FL

Poem – Staying True

As we dredge through our prison time
We are given skeptical looks
For our keen interest in learning and books
They tell us it does not forgive our crime
But to those who stay true to what is right
We will eventually win our fight

Jeffrey Watson
SCI Dallas
Dallas, PA

Poem – This Rose

This rose is made of paper A fact that’s sad but true,
It’s never been touched by drops of early morning dew.
But God made this for the world to see
And I made this one just for you.
So when you get to feeling  sad and lonely
As I know you sometimes  do.
Just look upon this rose
And know your friends at PBP are thinking of you.

Michael Harlow
Graceville CF
Graceville, FL