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Essay – Plato Considers all the Possibilities

The one book that has had the greatest impact on my life has been The Complete Works of Plato. It has helped me to keep my mind open and to consider all of the possibilities before opting for a course of action.

Essay – Books are Necessary for Education

Educational programs in today’s prisons are inadequate to say the least. Over the years, funding for prison educational programs has been put to pay for housing, feeding, and the basic needs of the ever-increasing inmate population.

Essay – Help needed to prepare for GED

Like many states, Oklahoma prisons offer very few programs for inmates to better themselves and prepare to return to society. And that was before the budget cuts. There’s no point in cutting the programs budget. There are so few programs and they are offered so infrequently that they’re practically nonexistent.

Essay – “Literature has been my great escape… Is it yours too?”

Before my incarceration I had read less than five books in my entire life. There was never time… Jobs, kids, cars, friends, yard work, social engagements, cooking, cleaning, home repairs, neighbors, church. You know what I mean.

Essay – “Through reading, I found myself.”

I’d have to say that the book that has had the biggest impact on me while incarcerated has to be The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Though I am not of the Islamic faith, nor am I militant, this book has impacted upon my way of seeing things profoundly. It has taught me that I can utilize this time into becoming whatever I set my mind on becoming.