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Thank You – Got My GED and a College Degree

graduation_cap_and_diplomaFirst I want to thank you for your program. Two years ago I received GED and education books for college. Well since then I have gotten my GED and in a month will finish with college, where I’m going to receive my degree in business management. All thanks to your program. Also, I did as you asked and passed on the GED book which has helped two fellow inmates get their GED’s. As soon as I’m done with the college program I will pass that book on also.

There are two reasons I wrote. One is to thank you guys for your program and two, in 24 days I will have my degree in Business management, I would like to request some book on starting your own business.

Also to let you know I am to be released from prison in five months, so I would like to ask this be a speedy request. Again thank you guys for all your help and hope you can help me again with my request.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter and look forward to your reply.

Thomas – Maryland

Book Request – Dictionary is Held Together By Box Tape

dictionariesonshelfNearly 10 years ago I enrolled in a GED class and needed a dictionary to assist me in the class. Another prisoner gave me your organization’s information and told me to write to you about getting one. Well I did, and now, all these years later I have obtained my associates degree in paralegal studies, and I’d like to thank you for sending me that dictionary so many years ago. It was a contribution to me getting this far in my educational endeavors. Thank you.

My reason for sending this memo to you today is to respectfully ask for another dictionary. The one I got from your organization back in the day is on it’s last leg – held together by box tape and split at it’s bindings. I’d be grateful for any dictionary you might send my way. And if you have one available any kind of law dictionary or legal thesaurus.

– Eugene – Wisconsin.

Book Request – Inmate Electricians Will Study Every Page

American Electrician's HandbookFrom an inmate requesting books on electrical wiring:   “Myself and other inmate electricians will study every page. I teach both female and male inmates electric & electronics. Several are now working on the streets as electricians.”

Book Request – I Would Love to Be Able to Read and Write to My Son

Webster's Large Print Dictionary“I have to have my roommate help me with the big words. I need a large print dictionary so I can see them.  I have only been reading now for about 21 months.  I am 46 years old and when I get out of prison, my son will be 11 years old. And I would love to be able to read and write to my son.  So please if you all could see to help me I will be able to help my son when I get home.  The dictionary will help learn how to spell big words.”

Book Request – One Envelope for Legal Primer

“I am requesting a “We The People” Legal Primer. Someone had let me read theirs and I had it for at least a week and half now. We only get two envelopes a month… But I am using one of the envelopes to receive a Legal Primer of my own… I love the things it contains.”