Essay – 600,000 words

Dear PBP Friends,

Let me start off by saying thank you for all of the reading material you send those of us who are imprisoned.Books have become important to me because it is a form of escape. Most prisoners did very little reading when they were free, and those of us who did, continue to read in prison. We spread the word about how books are so much better than TV because there are no TV ads to interrupt you.

Dictionaries are the most requested book because most prisoners did very little writing on the streets, and they don’t want friends and family to think that they are stupid and don’t know how to spell, so they need dictionaries to help them when they write letters.My dictionary has had the biggest impact on me. I read it some times just to learn new words, and there is a section on punctuation that helps me too. I read that there are some six hundred thousand words in the English language. That in itself is a lot to learn!

Again, I thank all of you who have helped to enlighten me.

Respectfully yours,

Robert R. Oleson

F.C.I., Fort Dix, NJ